Monday, November 12, 2007

Speaking at Two Presentations Coming Up

Well in the last couple weeks I had two of my abstracts accepted. The big one being at JBoss World, I am very excited to speak at my first big conference. The only thing a bit strange is they labeled it as a "Case Study", but when i submitted the abstract I did not apply for it as a "Case Study". Oh well I will just have to adjust my original presentation a bit to give it a "case study" feel.

In other strange conference excepting news, I submitted both Ruby and Java presentations to codemash. For the most part I am a Java developer, at least that is the bulk of my experience. Ironically none of my Java presetnations got accepted but my Rails one did. Regardless i am very excited, the Hobo presentation was one of the top two presentations I wanted to do. The other being an IoC comparison; however, I think having Dick Wall their giving a Google Guice presentation sunk my hopes at that.

Give me a holler if any of you are going to be out there

FYI - the URL of both conferences

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